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Welcome! We are proud of our grooming. We believe that bathing and grooming are essential to a healthy pet. We are a state-of-the-art dog grooming salon with the most experienced groomers in the Rim Country.

From high-quality grooming, coat conditioning and flea & tick dips - to nail clipping and ear cleaning, each pet receives one-on-one attention along with the highest quality all breed grooming! All of our dog grooming services are available by appointment.


From the fanciest AKC breed clips to everyday comfy pet clips, we have the experience and training to make them look their very best. From puppy's first clip to the special handling of old and delicate pets, feel comforted in knowing your pet is receiving the very best care possible.

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Your pet is special to you. We understand that you want what's best for them. Give your doggie a treat and contact the Critter Clipper today!​

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Our experienced grooming team has dedicated their lives to caring for animals of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

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We truly believe that your dog's health is a priority. We possess quality work and make your pet look their absolute best.

I've been bringing my Pomeranian, Teddy, to Rosemary for a year. She always does a beautiful job and Teddy just loves her.

​- Lois